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For most college students, joining a sorority or fraternity is the gateway to living a more active social life on campus.

Whether you’re a lone wolf looking to make new friends with similar interests or an avid partier looking to become a total frat bro, there’s likely to be a greek organization on campus just for you.

While a few greek organizations remain dry and are accepting of almost anyone, other fraternities and sororities have much stronger criteria for becoming a brother or sister. To weed out the best from the rest, some fraternities and sororities resort to hazing. And even though some forms of hazing may come off as innocent fun, others can be downright cruel. One college fraternity member is facing possible jail time after his hazing prank took it too far, almost killing a pledge.

Dale Merza, a Central Michigan University student and brother of Alpha Chi Rho, is facing potential jail time for hazing after he reportedly covered a freshman pledge’s face with peanut butter, knowing that the pledge was extremely allergic.

Andrew Seely suffered an allergic reaction following the hazing incident and dealt with swollen eyes and lips.

Seely initially didn’t report the incident or seek medical attention until a professor urged him to do so.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/peanut-hazing/

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