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23 frustrante cosas Lesbianas Filipinas están cansados de audiencia

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You’re just scared I’ll steal your girl. 1. “Are you sure?” View this image › ABS-CBN How you want to respond: I’ve been in a 10-year relationship with a girl and we’re thinking of getting married but yeah, maybe this is just a phase. 2. “So gusto mo maging lalaki?” (So you want to be […]


14 tableros de Pinterest que te inspiran su perfecta boda lesbiana

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Two brides are better than one. 1. Lesbian Lover welaughwelove.com littleemmaenglishhome.blogspot.com Megan W Photography   Follow for: Inspiration for creative wedding portraits that will look so good hanging on your wall. 2. 14 Stories Clewell Photography / onabicyclebuiltfortwo.com Justin Barbin / onabicyclebuiltfortwo.com ericacamilleproductions.com   Follow for: Photos of women from all walks of life marrying […]