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This guy had a bad childhood


19 respuestas a “This guy had a bad childhood”

  1. dower85 dice:

    Hah, Donny…… (That’s the funny bit, right?)

  2. MakingUpAUsernameIsTerrifying dice:

    I know. What kind of guy has the name McNeal?

  3. imactuallyalurker dice:

    Roberson is the worst, everyone mustve said his father was in prison

  4. TheLividHotDog dice:

    There’s a guy who worked on Portal 2 named Tobin Buttram

  5. ForssFagerstrom dice:

    There is a Glasscock Jewelry on the drive on the way to KC my boyfriend & I take. He never finds it as hilarious as I do…

  6. letsgolightning dice:

    Hehe Trading Places. Perfect gif!

  7. brap dice:

    His name kinda backwards is Tub Mart.

  8. TheRicM dice:

    It’s pronounced but-trum. Or butt ram

  9. ABunchOfBabyDucks dice:


  10. Sawnderz dice:

    I don’t geddit.

  11. phatattack dice:

    Dude they crucified him

  12. JonatanJohansson dice:

    I dont understand whats going on here, can someone explain?

  13. gnomesain dice:

    Just like saying your name! ButtRAM! BUTTRAM BUTTRAM!” And she wouldn’t even get mad.

  14. userwins12 dice:

    “Robertson?” , “No! It’s Roberson” Will replied

  15. Turtleproof dice:


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